Cyprus: Maritime Archaeology Outreach Bus (MOB)

Maritime Archaeology Outreach Bus (MOB): Cyprus  

Thanks to funding from the Honor Frost Foundation the MAT is working with the Maritime Archaeological Stewardship Trust (MAST), and the Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory (MARELab), University of Cyprus to take the Maritime Archaeology Outreach Bus to Cyprus in 2017.

The project aims to target different and varied audiences during the tour using the MAT Maritime Discovery Bus ( The overall objective is to communicate the importance of maritime cultural heritage to different audiences, to raise its profile, and in the longer term foster appreciation of the resource. 

A Scoping Stage for the project was undertaken in 2014 to develop knowledge of understanding of maritime heritage and produce a detailed plan for logistics and management, this resulted in an further application to the Honor Frost Foundation for funding, which we are delighted to say was successful. 

Scoping Stage – this work included undertaking a survey which helped determine that  residents on Cyprus are very keen for the Bus to visit, with 93% of respondents providing a positive response. The survey has also helped determine current levels of understanding of maritime archaeology and shape plans for the themes and information to be delivered and the format of Bus visits. A Communication Strategy and Audience Development Plan further details the key messages to be presented, the main audience groups and a longer term legacy of the Tour. 

Delivery Stage – the Maritime Discovery Bus will have elements of display developed specifically for the tour, this will feature themes such as:

The tour will take place in May and June of 2017 and will visit venues including museums, towns and villages, schools and events. All audiences will be encouraged to visit and engage with maritime heritage, those expected to be reached include residents, divers, young people and visitors. 

Discovery Bus - ready for the road Discovery Bus - ready for the road
Maritime Bus in exhibition mode 

MAT's Maritime Discovery Bus


Honor Frost Foundation:

Maritime Archaeological Stewardship Trust (MAST):

Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory (MARELab), University of Cyprus:


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