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Aug 5, 2013


The Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology is also the Maritime Archaeology Trust.

So, ‘what’s in a name’? 

The answer: ‘more than you think’!

Over the past 22 years the HWTMA has grown from a regional organisation to our current status as a nationally and internationally renowned centre for maritime archaeology. To better reflect the scope of our organisation and work we will now be using our registered name of the Maritime Archaeology Trust (MAT). While our research, education and outreach work within the Solent and South Coast of England continues unabated, we are also undertaking a range of collaborative projects spanning the channel, Europe and further afield.

With the new name comes a new logo, which we hope will become as recognised as our HWTMA logo and will help continue to promote our organisation and maritime archaeology across the globe.

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