Education and outreach

The Maritime Archaeology Trust is at the forefront of archaeological outreach, with a highly regarded Education and Outreach programme that has been operating locally, nationally, regionally and internationally for over a decade. Through the creation of resources and activities, face-to-face interaction with the public of all ages and background and the training of educators, the Maritime Archaeology Trust has extensive experience of engaging, enthusing and educating people about their maritime heritage.Find out more about our Education and Outreach Programme here (5 minute long video): 

In 2011, in recognition of the Maritime Archaeology Trust's achievements in education, training and awareness raising, they were awarded with an EU Prize for cultural heritage. The Europa Nostra jury commented on the Trust's achievements:

“Raising the profile of maritime heritage and archaeology - from crashed airplanes and shipwrecks to prehistoric sites - deserves wider European attention. The jury appreciates the exemplary and hands-on approach which introduces a large audience to the inaccessible heritage that lies underwater or is hidden in the mud.
"By using a variety of outreach tools, from posters, books, films, a website, workshops, dives and even a 'Marine bus', the initiative engages not only the general public, dedicated volunteers and professionals, it also manages to attract hard to reach audiences. The project has had a lasting influence on coastal planning and development.” 
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