Centaurs Under the Sea

Centaurs Under the Sea

On the evening of the 5th June 1944, while on passage to Normandy, LCT(A) 2428 experienced engine trouble. Although taken under tow by the rescue tug HMS Jaunty, the landing craft capsized and lost its cargo of Centaur tanks. HMS Jaunty fired upon the upturned hull until it sank, in order to remove a potential navigational hazard for other vessels in the invasion fleet. None of the crew or passengers of LCT(A) 2428 were lost.

The manner of loss of LCT(A) 2428 created two sites on the seabed. The first site, at the point of capsize, consists of the vehicles and other equipment that was being carried on board at the time. The second site comprises the upturned hull of the landing craft. 

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Part 1- D-Day has come

Part 2 - Solving the mystery 

Part 3 - Protecting the heritage

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