Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

At Maritime Archaeology Ltd we seek to ensure that maritime archaeology plays an important role in coastal planning, management and policy development.

We have an extensive range of strategic and research-based projects that have been or are currently being delivered. This includes work for heritage agencies, government departments and universities in the UK and abroad.

We can ensure that your commercial project has a long term profit and a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including your consumers, your employees and our community.


Your business will fund maritime heritage projects


As a limited company owned by the Maritime Archaeology Trust  – a charity dedicated to researching and preserving our marine heritage and educating the public – any profits made by your organisation's commissioning us will be used to support the charity’s cultural heritage and education projects.

Furthermore, we can work with your organisation in delivering education and outreach services as part of your project to highlight your organisation’s positive corporate responsibility (CSR).

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