Cyprus: Maritime Archaeology Outreach Bus (MOB)

Cyprus: Maritime Archaeology Outreach Bus (MOB)

Maritime Archaeology Outreach Bus (MOB): Cyprus  

The Maritime Archaeology Discovery Bus is on tour in Cyprus! The bus will be at a range of events until the 15th June 2017

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The schedule for the Tour:

The Bus has been very well received at the venues it is visiting:



Thanks to funding from the Honor Frost Foundation the MAT is working with the Maritime Archaeological Stewardship Trust (MAST), and the Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory (MARELab), University of Cyprus to deliver the Bus tour.

The Bus ( is visiting a range of locations and venues around the Island to communicate the importance of maritime cultural heritage and to raise its profile. 

During project development a survey helped determine that  residents on Cyprus are very keen for the Bus to visit, with 93% of respondents providing a positive response, it also shaped plans for the themes and information to be delivered by the Bus.


All audiences will be encouraged to visit and engage with maritime heritage, those expected to be reached include residents, divers, young people and visitors. 



Honor Frost Foundation:

Maritime Archaeological Stewardship Trust (MAST):

Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory (MARELab), University of Cyprus:


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