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Donate to Bouldnor Cliff

Donate to Bouldnor Cliff

Help preserve the Bouldnor Cliff Mesolithic platform for the future

You might have seen the news about our amazing discovery of over 60 timbers that make up a wooden platform used by Mesolithic people over 8,000 years ago. It is the most intact wooden Mesolithic structure ever excavated in the UK. We are fundraising to support the costs of recording and conservation and are seeking to raise £7,000 to support this work.

This incredible discovery was made following an inspection along the eroding edge of the drowned forest at Bouldnor Cliff that now lies 11m underwater. Monitoring by the MAT over the last two decades has shown that this submerged landscape is eroding by up to 0.4m per year, so it was lucky we spotted the exposed timbers when we did. They were already being degraded by the relentless attack from the tides and marine boring animals, and it wouldn’t be long before all the pieces would have been lost forever.

The timbers are now safe. They are in cold storage and being kept wet so they are stable, however, they need to be recorded. This is no small feat as the structure, coupled with the other material from the site, has more than doubled the amount of worked wood that survives from this 5,500-year period in the UK. Being the most cohesive archaeological artefact of its kind, it is also the most significant. As such, it will be fully conserved so it can be displayed in a museum for all to see. 

We are now looking for support to help towards the costs of the recording and conservation.

Any amount you might be able to contribute would be much appreciated. We are happy to acknowledge all support on our Bouldnor Cliff webpage (or you can give anonymously) and we can offer you a free entry ticket to the Isle of Wight Shipwreck Centre and Maritime Museum to view some of the other finds from Bouldnor Cliff which are already on display.

You can give to the campaign through our Facebook fundraiser.

Or via our Local Giving page. Please leave us a message to say you are giving towards the Bouldnor Cliff timbers.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to those people who have donated so far:

Felicity Taylor
Blohmund Voss
Roger Burns
Michelle Lawrence
Roger Hewitt


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