Periods of history found at the Hamble River

Periods of history found at the Hamble River

River Hamble

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Roman               43 AD  to   410 AD
Post-Roman        410     to   1066
Medieval             1066   to   1540
Post-Medieval      1540   to   1901
Modern                1901   to    today

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HAM095: River Crossing - Bursledon
HAM160: Fairthorne - Roman remains

Post Roman

HAM130: Hook Lake
HAM143: Hamble Logboat


HAM040: Ferry Hard - Warsash 
HAM042: Ferry Hard - Hamble 
HAM053: Dock - Grace Dieu site 
HAM055: Hamble Quay
HAM088: Salterns - Hamble Point
HAM095: River Crossing - Bursledon 
HAM096: Shipbuilding site - Church Creek
HAM113: Curbridge Bridge
HAM141: Grace Dieu 
HAM142: Holigost

Post Medieval

HAM001: Hoe Moor Creek 
HAM002: Dock - Hoe Moor Creek
HAM003: Dock - Hoe Moor Creek 
HAM004: Hulk - Lincegrove Marsh 
HAM007: Hulk - Badnam Creek 
HAM009: Dock Creek/ Dock Copse
HAM010: Dock Creek 
HAM011: Dock - Dock Creek 
HAM012: Slate mound - Upper Hamble 
HAM016: Bursledon Point 
HAM026: Hamble Point Marina hulk 
HAM034: Parsons' Yard - Warsash
HAM036: Dock - Warsash Foreshore
HAM037: Hulk - Satchell Marsh 
HAM039: Lobster Pond - Warsash
HAM048: Hulk - off Bunny Meadows
HAM051: Hulk - Satchell Marsh 
HAM052: Grace Dieu corner 
HAM057: Holly Hill Hard 
HAM063: Hulk/s - Crableck 
HAM067: Jetty - Swanwick 
HAM068: Dock/ quay - Swanwick
HAM069: Hulk - south of railway bridge
HAM070: Hulk - south of railway bridge 
HAM071: Hulk - south of railway bridge 
HAM072: Old slipway - north of the railway bridge 
HAM073: Shipbuilding yard - north of motorway on west bank 
HAM074: Jetty - Eastlands boatyard 
HAM075: Hard - opposite Dock Copse 
HAM076: Eyersdown Hard
HAM080: Down Kiln Copse 
HAM081: Shipbuilding slips - Swanwick 
HAM085: Cottage - Dock Copse
HAM086: Gravel pits - Bloomfield Copse 
HAM087: Gravel Pit - Foxburrow Copse 
HAM088: Salterns - Hamble Point 
HAM090: Hulk - Satchell Marsh 
HAM091: Shipbuilding yard - Bursledon
HAM092: Hulk - Swanwick 
HAM093: Hulk - Bursledon 
HAM094: Hoe Moor Brickworks 
HAM097: Bursledon Bridge 
HAM099: Burridge Hard 
HAM100: Timber yard and quay - Pinkmead 
HAM101: Timber yard - Curbridge 
HAM102: Harmsworth Hard 
HAM103: Botley Quay
HAM104: Drove Road - Hackett's Marsh  
HAM107: Hulk - Satchell Marsh
HAM109: Dock - Curbridge Creek
HAM114: Hulk - Curbridge Creek 
HAM116: Timber Circle - Hamble Point foreshore
HAM123: Hard - Warsash 
HAM124: Carb moorings - Warsash 
HAM126: Newtown Chemical Works
HAM127: Chemical Works Hard
HAM131: Coastguard Station 
HAM134: Dock - Satchell Marsh 
HAM135: Dock - Hamble 
HAM137: Oyster beds - south of Hamble Quay 
HAM139: Quay - south of Hamble village 
HAM159: St. Andrew's Castle - Hamble Point


HAM005: Post alignment - Lincegrove Marsh 
HAM006: Pontoon - Lincegrove Marsh
HAM008: Hulk - Badnam Creek 
HAM017: Masted barge - Swanwick
HAM018: Hopper barge hulk - Swanwick 
HAM019: Hopper barge hulk - Swanwick 
HAM020: Crane barge Hulk - Swanwick 
HAM021: Hopper barge hulk - Swanwick 
HAM022: Hopper barge hulk - Swanwick 
HAM023: Hopper barge hulk - Swanwick 
HAM024: Hopper barge hulk - Swanwick 
HAM025: Hulk - Warsash 
HAM035: Hulk - Warsash
HAM043: Hulk - Nr Warsash 
HAM044: Hulk - south of Crableck
HAM045: Hulk - Crableck 
HAM046: Hulk - off Bunny Meadows
HAM047: Hulk - off Bunny Meadows
HAM048: Hulk - off Bunny Meadows 
HAM049: Hulk - off Bunny Meadows 
HAM050: Hulk - Bunny Meadows 
HAM054: Slipway - Hamble Point 
HAM056: Jetty - nr Bunny Meadows 
HAM058: Jetty - Mercury yard 
HAM060: Battleship Mast - off Badnam Creek 
HAM061: Hulk - Off Badnam Creek 
HAM062: Jetty remains? - off Badnam Creek 
HAM063: Hulk/s - Crableck 
HAM064: Norseman - Lower Swanwick 
HAM067: Jetty - Lower Swanwick 
HAM068: Dock/ quay - Lower Swanwick 
HAM069: Hulk - south of railway bridge
HAM070: Hulk - south of railway bridge 
HAM071: Hulk - south of railway bridge 
HAM072: Old slipway - north of the railway bridge 
HAM074: Jetty - Eastlands boatyard 
HAM089: Hulk - Lincegrove Marsh 
HAM097: Bursledon Bridge 
HAM098: Wessex Hulk - Lower Swanwick
HAM108: Barge wreck - Badnam Creek
HAM125: Hulk - Gypsy Queen 
HAM126: Newtown Chemical Works 
HAM128: Buidlings on riverside - Warsash 
HAM153: Seaplane Lighter - Lower Swanwick 
HAM156: Hulk - Hackett's Marsh 

Unknown date

HAM013: Fish Trap - Upper Hamble
HAM014: Earthworks - Upper Hamble

HAM015: Stake alignment - Upper Hamble
HAM027: Hulk - Hamble Point 
HAM029: Hulk - Nr Hamble Point
HAM030: Hulk - Nr Hamble Point
HAM059: Obstruction/ hulk - Satchell Marsh 
HAM115: Wooden Posts - Hamble Point foreshore
HAM129: Wreck off Hook Point

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