Press & media

Press & media

At the Maritime Archaeology Trust we have a range of experts available for comment on maritime archaeology for publications and the media.

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Furthermore, we offer specialist diving services for media organisations.

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Notes to editors

About the Maritime Archaeology Trust

The Maritime Archaeology Trust is a registered charity with over 22 years’ experience in research, investigations and pioneering techniques for the study of marine cultural heritage. Originating in the South of England as the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology, the organisation has grown from regional roots to an internationally renowned authority on maritime archaeological issues and research.

The Trust was established in 1991 and today runs a programme of research and fieldwork, which investigates underwater sites such as shipwrecks and submerged prehistoric landscapes, as well as hulks and maritime structures present on the intertidal and foreshore area. Results of this fieldwork and research feed into the Trust’s award winning Education and Outreach dissemination programme and its Sunken Secrets exhibition on the Isle of Wight. 




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