Our team of experienced archaeologists and academics work with many heritage organisations and industry developers, offering comprehensive desk-based research and field archaeology in the marine, intertidal zone and in all coastal regions. 

We have helped many organisations navigate the legalities of maritime archaeology for both development works and heritage projects.

In line with our aims and objectives we ensure that all the desk based and field research we do is available to the public through our website and our reports. We publish many of our reports online to allow them to be utilised by students, interested members of the public and schools. 

Pioneering innovative techniques and technology

Alongside advances in naval and marine technology, the techniques and methods used in archaeological study have also evolved.

We employ the most forward thinking archaeologists, academics and researchers who combine traditional archaeological techniques with new and innovative ideas, techniques and technologies. This can include combining historical studies, maps, artefacts and art with state-of-the-art digital technology.

An examples of this is our project focusing on shipwrecks from World War 1. These projects aim to educate the public about these tragic sites by using 3D modelling technology to present
digitised models to a wide audience using online platforms.

These research pages present information on vessels, intertidal sites, submerged pre-history and current projects.


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